19 Lies You Actually Believed As A Teen


“I can’t wait to stop getting zits one day.”

Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

While your skin probably improved over time, zits never completely went away.


“$1,000 is a lot of money.”

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Now all that money immediately disappears to go to rent, bills, and other responsibilities. And $1,000 doesn’t come close to covering it all.


“Everyone but me has their shit together.”

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The day you realized that nobody has a plan — we’re all winging it!!!! — was a scary day indeed.


“I’m very mature for my age.”


Now you think about how you actually acted back then and just shake your head.


“This isn’t a phase! This is who I really am!”

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But today, you hide all your embarrassing high school photos — or you send them to your friends so they can laugh, too.


“In fact, I’m pretty much an adult already.”

Bell Media

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

You can’t believe you actually thought you looked grown-up.


“Hangovers aren’t that bad!”

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Now you know the pure torture of hangovers that actually last more than a day.


“Socks are a terrible gift.”

Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

Now, the gift box full of socks is the best present you’ve received all year.


“Once I’m 21, I’ll REALLY feel like an adult.”

Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

Hell, you don’t even feel like an adult now. Does anyone?


“I can’t wait to stay up late all the time.”

Flo Pery / BuzzFeed

As you got older, you realized how much better it feels to be well-rested.


“Staying in on Friday night is so lame.”

Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

Now it sometimes takes a miracle to get you off your sofa on the weekends.


“The friends I have now are the friends I’ll have forever.”


Grown-up you realizes how your social circle changed and evolved over time.


“It’ll be so much easier to hang out with my friends once we’re in our twenties.”

Nathan Pyle / BuzzFeed

If only you’d known how hard it is to sync up schedules, and that you’d be planning a get-together with your best friends six months in advance.


“I’ll be able to afford a huge, gorgeous apartment as long as I get a roommate.”


Looking through apartment listings was a harsh, harsh awakening.


“And I’ll probably easily buy a house before I turn 30!”


Oh, younger you. So dumb. So naive.


“I can’t wait to fill that house with all the Ikea furniture that I’ll assemble myself!”


“Once I fall in love, everything else will just fall into place.”

Disney / Via giphy.com

Aw, teenage you couldn’t even fathom all the different ways you could screw up.


“And dating will be so much easier once I’m not a teenager anymore.”

FOX / Via giphy.com

Hahaha! NOPE. But at least younger you was optimistic, right? ~sob~


“Yep, I have a pretty good idea of how my life is going to go.”

NBC / Via giphy.com

Oh, honey. You had no idea what you were in for. But that’s exactly what was so fun about it, wasn’t it?

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