Jimmy Fallon Asked People To Tweet What They’d Do If They Won The Lottery And The Replies Were Wild


So, it’s that time again when Jimmy Fallon asks a question and gets people to tweet their responses. Previous topics include why your family are weird and how I got dumped and the answers never disappoint.


This time round, the hashtag was “if I won the lottery”, a nod to the humongous billion dollar jackpot in the US. Jimmy gave us an example to start things off, and it was a pretty solid idea.

I would pay Cardi B to cancel my plans for me whenever I didn’t feel like doing something. “Jimmy’s not coming to dinner, okurrr?” #IfIWonTheLottery

03:58 PM – 23 Oct 2018


Then it was time for the people of Twitter to take the reigns.

I would hold a Bachelorette style rose ceremony for everyone I know where they’d find out whether or not they made the cut to be part of my new, rich life. #IfIWonTheLottery

04:25 PM – 23 Oct 2018


And obviously they didn’t disappoint.

@jimmyfallon #IfIWontheLottery I’d send everyone their Hogwarts rejection letters because, either way, they deserve to know!

04:08 PM – 23 Oct 2018


It turns out that people really have wild dreams and aspirations.

I would have Morgan Freeman follow me around, narrating my activities…. “He chose a hooded sweatshirt today, passing on the polo for the 3rd straight day….” #IfIWonTheLottery

06:14 PM – 23 Oct 2018


Others just want to live their best life and not be limited by their bank accounts.

@jimmyfallon I could finally put “Prices High to Low” when I shop online #IfIWonTheLottery

04:03 PM – 23 Oct 2018


If you won all that money, you could legit have your own account!

#IfIWonTheLottery I would buy my own HBOGo and stop using the password of my college roommate.

05:21 PM – 23 Oct 2018


But let’s be honest, if you’re sensible you still try and get a freebie so you can spend your riches elsewhere.


Parents relished the idea of winning so much money.

I’d pay someone to follow my daughter around at college and say “I’m telling your Mom” everytime she starts to do something stupid @kmabelk #IfIWonTheLottery

05:25 PM – 23 Oct 2018


Kids would still have to do their chores of course, because you can’t let money go to their head.

I would get Britney Spears and her back up dancers to come to my house and have my own personal concert and serenade my children with you better work, kids while they do their chores. #IfIWonTheLottery @jimmyfallon https://t.co/Kbx45aEpU2

04:46 PM – 23 Oct 2018


Kids on the other hand wanted to use their money to get their parents off their back.

Id pay off my parents to stop asking me “When are you going to settle down and have kids?” #IfIWonTheLottery

04:01 PM – 23 Oct 2018


Some people just wanted to make sense of the world.

#IfIWonTheLottery I’d relocate ALL of Kansas City to the state of Kansas. Sorry Missouri.

03:58 PM – 23 Oct 2018


While others wanted to make sure they were getting the full experience at Chipotle, regardless of the cost.


With all that money, you could easily replace all the things in your life that are broken.


But some people were sensible and realistic about just how far a billion dollars could go.

#IfIWonTheLottery I would pay off my student loans, then with the extra, like, $4 I would buy a bean crunch wrap supreme from taco bell.

03:59 PM – 23 Oct 2018

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